Be the Barista, Be the Tea Master, Be the Brewster ®


With our innovative filter design, it’s time to take your brewing to the next level.

Brew your favourite coffee or tea anytime and anywhere.

Inspired by the V60 brewing method, our filter has been specially designed to make brewing easy during your outdoor adventures, and when you’re on the go. 

An exceptional aspect of our filters is its simplicity.

No special equipment, no fiddly procedures. Brew your favourite drink simply and immediately.

All you need is hot water, your favourite mug, and a Be the Brewster ® sachet!


About Us


Started in Australia’s capital of coffee and tea, Melbourne,

Be the Brewster ®  is a project by aficionados to make brewing coffee and tea quick, simple and portable.



How the filter Works


Simple to set up and easy to use: all you do is tear along the marked line, open the filter,

place the hangers over the rim of the cup, and pour on hot water.




We offer a variety of products to make the entire brewing process convenient and easy.

We sell both filter-style and espresso-style coffee, organic English Breakfast tea and fascinating Chocolate tea from Peru.

And we carry plenty of combinations of sachets and filters!



Environmental Conscience


The environment is important to us and to our customers.

We work with TerraCycle®, a social enterprise Eliminating the Idea of Waste®.